Lobbies Audio Solution

Our hotel sound systems are pre-configured to make it easier to choose the perfect complete BGM (background music) and paging audio system solution for your hotel. Our sound systems are designed by Pro Acoustics’ engineers and are ready to perform right out of the box or as a starting point for a more customized solution for your specific needs and budget. Our hospitality solutions deliver consistent high-performance background music to create a pleasant atmosphere for your guests.

Enjoy exceptional audio quality from simple background music systems to more sophisticated multi zone distributed speaker systems and zone control for different music formats tailored for hotel lobbies, guest rooms, meeting rooms, and multi-room music coverage with paging capabilities. Upgrade your venues audio system with ease whether you need to add outdoor music, multiple zones, or paging, we can help. We carry Bose Hospitality Products and many world class Commercial and Pro Audio products such as, in ceiling speakers, on wall, indoor outdoor, paging horns and portable sound systems for every application. Easily integrate Bluetooth devices, Pandora, SirusXM Radio, computers, tablets, MP3 players, TV Audio and Multi-Disc CD players to your system.

offers a wide variety of surface-mount and ceiling mount loudspeakers which are ideal for lobbies and other ancillary spaces in cinema facilities, including indoor or outdoor box office areas, restrooms, and corridors. With flat response, wide dispersion, and very low distortion, all of our full-range speakers deliver a natural sound for both background music and voice. Matched subwoofers are available for extended low-frequency response for any application. 

Many models have built-in 70/100 volt distributed line transformers for constant voltage distributed sound installations. The enclosures ship in either black or white, and they may be painted to match any decor.

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