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Meetings with attendees residing in other locations and foreign countries, telephone conferences held from mobile offices, communication with investors and the press—all this is an integral part of the modern working life. In order to convey all information in spite of long distances or vast audiences using the right equipment is decisive. Whether for two-person meetings or big conferences with up to 400 discussion units: Sennheiser offers the ideal audio solution that makes sure every word will reach the audience or the interlocutor reliably and crystal clear.

MEETING ROOM AUDIO SPECIAL REPORT A more communicative work environment requires more sophisticated and higher quality audio systems, and the manufacturing community is providing integrators a range of solutions to meet corporate customers’ demands. By Robert Archer Today’s workforce is becoming younger and more dependent on electronics to foster their productivity. Helping today’s labor pool to work more collaboratively, and in office environments increasingly based around meeting rooms of various sizes, is a new era of audio solutions that are higher performing, easier to use and easier to install. Manufacturers are responding to the workforce shift by investing into office resources that include advanced digital signal processing (DSP), new microphone technologies, and room-friendly loudspeaker designs. Let’s delve a little deeper into the changing face of your end users’ employees and the latest audio gear that’s aiding their changing work environment.

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