Classic Club Solution

Whatever you want from a club – whether it’s good company, great DJs, or just the chance to hear music played loud – there are few things as important as perfect sound system and Lighting system

System design goal number 1: must be loud

Both James and Dallas like the way JBL speakers sound, so they started there. Dallas knew that to attain proper coverage in the room, the speakers would have to hang close to the ceiling, pointing downward, and handle about twice the power than the old speakers could.

System design goal 2: must be bullet-proof

“I wanted to make sure they had a perfectly matched system with PA management features,” Dallas said. “Using the dbx DriveRack makes it a perfect system that can easily be setup and recalibrated as needed. Guest DJs simply plug in their rig and the system is set up so they can’t damage anything.” And because restaurants and clubs usually have very inconsistent and noisy AC power, Dallas made sure the system included a power line conditioner and surge protector.

Here’s the list of gear they decided to get:

JBL PRX412M 12″ PA speakers (4): One of these speakers at each corner of the 20′ x 30′ dance floor provides full coverage.

JBL PRX418S 18″ subwoofer: This 18″ subwoofer really digs down low and puts out a terrific thump.

Crown XTI 4002 power amplifier: Powers the 12″ PA speakers (2 speakers per channel, 600 watts per speaker).

Crown XTI 2002 power amplifier: Provides 1,600 watts of power to the subwoofer.

dbx DriveRack PA+ speaker management system: Limiter circuit protects the speakers. Auto EQ tunes the sound to suit the room.

Furman M-8Lx power conditioner: Protects the system from AC power spikes and eliminates noise that may radiate from the club’s wiring.

It’s no coincidence that the speakers, subwoofer, and amplifiers all have the same power ratings; JBL, Crown, and dbx are all part of Harman International, so their gear works well together.


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