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Radio Station Equipment for a Professional Studio Setup
Want to build your own professional studio and have total control over your shows? Here’s everything you need to setup your radio station equipment.

If you’re new to radio, it can be hard to know every single piece of gear and understand how it fits into the air-chain. Here’s a catalog of every piece of equipment you might find in a typical radio station. This comprehensive list should be useful to new engineers, or IT guys starting to work in a broadcast environment.

Things you need in the studio

In the studio, you need a lot of things. A few must haves are audio consoles, a microphone, studio monitor speakers, headphones and many more.

The audio console is the heart of the studio, it’s used to control anything that the listeners hear on air. There is an input for every channel on the audio console. The slider on the audio console amplifies the incoming signal. 

The microphone in the studio is used to capture any sound in the studio. After capturing the sounds, it turns them into electrical impulses. With the microphone comes a microphone arm to keep the microphone at a good height. If you use a microphone arm you will have a lot more space on the desk. 

You also need automation software. This computer system makes it possible to play background music, commercials, and sweepers. The software is called automation software or playout. These programs are designed to continually play music on the background. The heart of these programs is the log. This is a list with all the audio files that need to be played. Most of the time these programs contain hotkeys, a music database, and a lot more. In a studio you also need level meters, which can show whether a channel is too loud or too quiet. 

Something that you definitely need in your studio are speakers. Studio monitor speakers show you how the music sounds without headphones. These speakers have really high quality so all the abnormal sounds can be detected. You can use another speaker to check your sound, so that you do not risk airing the wrong audio. Every radio station also needs headphones. These are connected to the speakers and when you turn the headphones on, the speakers mute automatically. 

If you are planning on having guests on your radio show, it is important to get a talent panel. With a talent panel, an individual can control their own headphones and mute the microphone. It is smart to put them in front of each guest’s microphone. 

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