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Restaurant and coffee-shop Solution And Video Screen System

If you need a sound system for a restaurant or cafe, we can help you! The right background music system for a restaurant should create a welcoming and relaxed environment, get it wrong and your customers will feel uncomfortable and may not return.

Unobtrusive designer style cabinet speakers can be mounted on the walls and used in conjunction with a hidden subwoofer for rich warm sound. Fit ceiling speakers in toilet areas or waiting areas for continuity.

Using a multi-zone amplifier or zone mixer will enable the volume level to be set correctly in the different areas.

Whether your background music system is for a tea room, small cafe or large pub restaurant, you have a choice of 100 volt line or low impedance music systems to consider.

For expert advice on which circuitry is best for your restaurant speaker system, please call us

However, background music systems can be complex in nature with many variables to consider. We would strongly recommend you deal with a specialised local installer who can visit your establishment and provide a competitive quotation for installation. We have a comprehensive customer base of first class installers throughout the UK and Ireland. We are very happy to introduce you and ensure that you are looked after throughout.

Restaurant sound systems designed for background music, foreground sound and paging. We have designed thousands of restaurant sound systems for a wide variety of applications, designs, and layouts. We can make it easy to budget and purchase the perfect restaurant speaker system package for your floor plan. From simple background music and paging to high-powered foreground music for sport’s bars and TV sound, you can tailor music formats, sound coverage control and customer paging capabilities in outdoor entrance areas, hostess reception stations, waiting areas, bars, restaurant dining areas, bathroom and washrooms, kitchens and outdoor patios with zone and routing control.

Enjoy exceptional sound quality by Bose, JBL, Yamaha and more for your casual and fine dining restaurant, fast food chain, cafe, bistro, barbecue grill, cafeteria, steakhouse, sports bar and buffet-style restaurants. Our business hospitality background music and paging sound systems greatly enhance your customers’ mealtime experience with any audio and or video source, wireless Bluetooth device, music streaming service, MP3 device, TV sound and Multi-Disc CD players.

Compliment your new restaurant design with a custom designed sound system by Pro Acoustics.

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